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Leaders from Global Institutions, Telecom, and Non-Telecom Industries to Remotely Discuss "5G+X" Agenda for Investment Revival during the SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit 2020 on July 9th

Leaders from Global Institutions, Telecom, and Non-Telecom Industries to Remotely Discuss "5G+X" Agenda for Investment Revival during the SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit 2020 on July 9th

SAMENA Telecommunications Council is proceeding ahead with preparations for its annual Leaders’ Summit, which will be organized on July 9th, with remote participation of leaders and world-renowned personalities from across the ICT Industry and global institutions. To be managed from Dubai, with the patronage and support of Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the UAE and in strategic collaboration with Huawei Technologies Middle East, the one-day leaders' congregation will be held in a virtual environment through SAMENA Council's digital remote-collaboration platform.

SAMENA Council, this year, is aiming to bring non-telecom industry segments into the leadership discussions, to help build the case for 5G investments and to see how telecommunications technologies, especially 5G and associated technologies, following the impending gradual exit from COVID-19, can catalyze infusion of other industries together across all walks of human life and layers of the society in a wholesome, smartly integrated and beneficial manner, in order to create a new socio-economic momentum. For this purpose, SAMENA Council has extended exclusive invitations of participation to the region's Automotive, Healthcare, Education, Utilities, Financial, and Energy sectors, among others.

Synergistic and successful use of 5G across various Industries as well as the provision of public-sector services require understanding some key benefits and real-life use-cases of 5G, with some having been lately tested in emergency situations in the wake of COVID-19. Thus the Leaders' Summit's focus, to be steered under the theme "5G + X: Harnessing 5G Across Industries for Investment Revival", encompasses practical deployment possibilities, involvement of multiple stakeholders, and collaboration of all relevant Industries that are using or can use 5G to attain strategic advantages on both commercial and human fronts. Moreover, it is more essential now than ever before that a new collaboration and decision-making culture be fostered, to accelerate digital development following the prevailing crisis situation.

Reiterating that under the guidance of TRA-UAE SAMENA Council is proceeding ahead with Leaders' Summit 2020 on July 9th, Bocar BA, CEO & Board Member, stated: “The SAMENA Council Leaders' Summit, this year, is being held with a different feel and heavy reliance on digital communication tools. However, we are obliged by the confirmations received from esteemed private-sector leaders, regulators, and policy-makers, who will take part in the Leaders' Summit's digital environment. The underlying aim of the Summit is to take intra-industry and inter-industry collaboration to the next level, whereby telecom technology companies and entities from other industries and sectors using digital technologies, after having been impacted by the prevailing pandemic, can develop new business synergies and build compelling new opportunities by leveraging 5G over the next decade. This can also assist in realizing national digital visions, thus contribute toward reviving investment flows and economy, and make progress on the SDGs. With the patronage of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of the UAE and close collaboration of Huawei Middle East, SAMENA Council anticipates strong participation in Leaders' Summit."

Charles Yang, President of Huawei ME said: “Huawei is glad to extend its long-term strategic partnership with SAMENA Telecommunication Council for the seventh consecutive year to host the SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit 2020, a leading regional platform for bringing together a collective of the most influential people in the region’s ICT industry. This year’s event will emphasize the role of 5G deployment in enabling the evolution of our cities and communities into a more connected, digitally-enabled world especially amidst the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also shed light on the immense capabilities we can achieve by combining the power of 5G with other technologies such as AI and big data, and how this can contribute to building the digital economies in the Middle East region.”

The SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit is an annual leadership event, encompassing private and government sector leaders' gathering, networking, various bi-lateral "closed-door" meetings, and panel discussions, held among stakeholders in a comfortable ambience. Virtual participation in the Leaders' Summit 2020 is open to all Members of the Council.

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Source: SAMENA Press release