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Clear Mobitel and KT sign MOU for Channel Islands 5G project

Clear Mobitel and South Korea telecommunications company KT signed an MOU at the KT Gwanghwamun Seoul office to promote the Channel Islands 5G Project. While the MOU was signed in April of this year, it is now officially released to the public.

The ceremony was attended by key figures including Harpal Mann, CEO of Clear Mobitel, and Kim Young-woo, Senior VP of Global Business Development with KT.

The Channel Islands are British islands located on the French Normandy coast, including the main islands of Guernsey and Jersey.

Clear Mobitel is providing a 5G radio frequency service in the Channel Islands as CEO Harpal Mann operates a mobile communications business in the UK and conducts IDC projects in New Zealand and the United States.

Clear Mobitel and KT agreed on specific business cooperation measures including 5G and innovative technology-based services, 5G network construction and consulting. Through the agreement, the two companies will continue to work together on the Channel Island 5G services and on expanding the global IDC business.

Kim Young-woo, Senior VP of Global Business Development, said, "KT will unveil a successful business model in the Channel Islands and Europe through the world's first 5G commercialization experience and synergy based on Clear Mobitel's Channel Island capabilities."

Harpal Mann, CEO of Clear Mobitel, said, "We are very pleased to conclude an MOU with KT for the Channel Island 5G business, and we look forward to cooperating in various fields such as IDC as well as 5G."