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Sudatel Telecom Group (STG) and Etisalat’s Emirates Data Clearing House (EDCH) have announced soft launch of their A2P messaging initiative in Sudatel

STG’s (Sudatel Telecom Group) ambition for this partnership is to maximize benefits for their subscribers and also take this market disrupting business model to their other operating countries too.

The menace of routing international SMS as local by aggregators is real which has led to huge losses to MNOs as their network resources are utilized for free or at low charging rates whereas aggregators make huge profits. With EDCH’s SMS Monetization solution this is checked and MNOs start generating visible incremental revenue.

Mohammad El Fatih, Chief Commercial Officer of Sudatel said: “We wish to lead our markets by giving our subscribers a cutting-edge experience and ensure that their critical messages from banks and other vital services are delivered on time every time. So we believe through this partnership solution we can identify grey routes, monetize every message that is terminated in our network giving us competitive advantage and regulatory compliance. We also wish to negate spam being sent to our subscribers from illegitimate sources which impacts customer-experience”

“We believe our partnership with EDCH for messaging protection is based on the trusted relationship we already cherish in International roaming clearing. There is no conflict of interest too as all other A2P providers do aggregation and demand exclusivity”

“Nasser Salim, General Manager of EDCH, said: “STG and EDCH aspire to take this partnership in A2P messaging to further heights in creating a unique model for that region. We believe that our optimized and bespoke solution which is already disrupting the messaging industry is offering complete transparency in operations, billing and reporting. Another advantage is that we do not demand exclusivity and neither do aggregation creating the no-conflict of interest with Mobile operators.

Source: Sudatel Press Release