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Brazil rolling out 4G at breakneck speed

With 5G technology around the corner – the Brazilian government is readying a frequency auction for 2020 – 4G networks continue to expand in the country.

According to telecom industry association Telebrasil, 4G reached 4,573 municipalities (82% of the country’s total) at the end of June, with 144 new localities added in the first half.

Every two days a new municipality is connected with 4G, Telebrasil said, and the technology now covers 96% of the population.

Meanwhile, 3G networks were present in 5,433 municipalities, where 99.7% of the population live.

From January to May, Brazil activated 12.3mn new 4G lines, or 47 lines per minute. In the 12 months to June, 24mn 4G accesses were activated, up 20% year-over-year.

Telebrasil reports a total 142mn 4G lines in service, or 66% of total mobile accesses. According to a 5G Americas report, 4G market share in Latin America was 44% in Q1, below the global average of 51% and far below North America’s 87%.

There were 306mn 4G accesses for 698mn mobile subscriptions in Latin America by March, while 348mn 4G accesses are forecast by end-year, the consultancy projects.

In Brazil, Vivo leads the 4G market with 31.4% of total accesses, followed by TIM (25.5%), Claro (around 24%) and Oi (16.5%).