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Cuba's Etecsa starts testing 4G mobile access

Three months after authorizing the data service for third-generation mobile phones, which produced a boom in Internet access in Cuba, authorities informed on that the tests for 4G will begin.

Officials of the state-owned Etecsa, which has a monopoly on telephone services at the Caribbean nation, indicated that a series of tests began, while acknowledging the general difficulties and complaints of recent weeks about problems with some services.

"We are going to start the test only in Havana. One of the conditions is that it is a high consumer of data, more than 2.5 GB per month, the second is that traffic is generated mostly with 4G coverage," Yusnely Llano González, Etecsa's head of channel management, said in a video published on Cubadebate.

The new 4G will be available only to some consumers in Havana.

In December, Cuban authorities began to provide mobile data service although users say the quality is questionable. Cubans still has limited internet service at home.