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Borussia Dortmund relaunches BVB-TV streaming service

Just in time for the big kick off of the Bundesliga season, Germany’s Borussia Dortmund has relaunched its own OTT platform, BVB-TV.

The club’s new partner and end-to-end solution provider, Sportradar, will provide fans with a platform that hosts both free video content, as well as a subscription service for premium content, which is accessible for EUR 1,99 per month.

The OTT platform will also host Borussia Dortmund’s friendly matches live and will showcase exclusive footage related to the Borussia players. The premium content will include full match replays and game highlights, immediately after the final whistle, as well as behind-the-scenes programming, with a minimum average of one new video uploaded every day.

Following a three-month period conceptualising and rolling out the service, Sportradar will provide to Borussia Dortmund all components, including: a front-end user experience aligned with the Borussia corporate identity; a video management system; full content delivery into different BVB output channels, such as web, mobile and social media; and content syndication to BVB’s main club TV sponsor, Deutsche Telekom.

All replays on BVB-TV will include access to a range of statistics and functionalities, including cue-point indication for the game’s most important events, as well as dynamic stats overlays, which are synchronised minute by minute.

“At our club, we love to provide our fans with the most engaging ways to connect with our matches and our players,” said Borussia Dortmund’s CMO Carsten Cramer. “The best fans deserve the best. We revisited our OTT platform and decided we wanted more from it. Sportradar really captured our imagination, and we are excited to be rolling out this new and improved BVB-TV offering for the new season.”