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Avanti signs master distributor contract for Hylas 4 with iWayAfrica

Avanti Communications Group has signed a Master Distributor contract with iWayAfrica to provide satellite broadband services across Sub-Saharan Africa. This enables iWayAfrica to use the latest Ka-band satellite technology via Avanti’s Hylas 4 satellite, which offers 100 percent coverage of sub-Saharan Africa.

iWayAfrica has a presence in 44 African countries, and already deploys Avanti’s Ka-band services in Eastern and Southern Africa via the Hylas 2 satellite. Hylas 4, which launched in April, will extend iWayAfrica’s Ka-band offering into new countries across West and Central Africa with commercial service scheduled from August. iWayAfrica has regional offices for all its wholesale services in Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius and South Africa.