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Pakistan's first private payment system launched

Two private sector companies have joined hands to establish reliable domestic online payment gateway which aims to serve as a tool for merchant digitization service in an E-Commerce and M-Commerce.

Avanza Group and Premier Systems on Wednesday signed an agreement to establish Avanza Premier Payment Services (APPS).

The two organizations sight to create synergies that enable APPS to cater the rapidly evolving digital landscape in Pakistan. However, with 90% reliance on COD (Cash on Delivery) method, it is quite evident that Pakistan has yet to accept digitalization.

“We are proud to be partnering with Premier Systems to launch APPS, which will become the country’s gateway of choice for payments and help digitize our E-Commerce eco system. Our objective is to help business and consumers alike to overcome payment hurdles and make Pakistan a proud member of the growing digital arena”, said Mr.Kapurwala, CEO Avanza Group.

However Mr.S.Arshad Raza, CEO Premier Systems added to the discussion by throwing light on how Premier Systems plays a constitutive role in bringing digitization to user’s doorsteps.

“We have many international partners, but now we have a domestic player embracing the digital economy and enriching it by providing substantially convenient payment solutions. Pakistan is at the cusp of digital revolution and we are proud to be a part of this drive”, he said .

This is thought to be a perfect timing for the launch of the fastest and most reliable gateway for payment with 44 Million Internet users and 35 Million Social Media users broadening the horizons for E-Commerce world as Pakistan heads towards digital revolution in near time.