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Huawei push to accelerate 5G in Bahrain

Huawei has announced it will implement the new “1+1 antenna modernisation” concept and solutions to accelerate the roll-out of commercial 5G networks in Bahrain.

The 1+1 antenna modernisation concept was developed by the company to address the problems of current antenna systems not being able to support 5G, limited cell tower space and high lease costs.

As a key element in mobile networks, antennas will need to receive and transmit on more frequency bands than ever. This means that it would be very hard to simply add new 5G antennas.

The proposal involves dual antennas: one passive antenna for all sub-3 GHz frequency bands, and an active antenna for C-band and mmWave.

This arrangement will enable carriers to upgrade their antenna networks to 5G readiness in a single step, eliminating the need for duplicated investment or multiple antenna upgrades.

According to the company’s Bahrain chief executive John Lu Yuedong, “This is a step forward in enabling Bahraini operators to accelerate the arrival of 5G networks and bring digital to every home, person and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world.”

Huawei Bahrain subnet solution vice-president Shui Yu said: “Huawei’s antenna solution helps operators consolidate the number of 2G, 3G, and 4G antennas, paving the way for large-scale 5G deployment. At the same time, the antenna reconstruction greatly improves the aesthetics of the tower antenna and reduces visual pollution. Multiple operators can share towers, poles, and even antennas to maximise resource utilisation, reduce the cost of sharing rent, and optimise the civil engineering cost.”