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Second edition of Huawei ICT Competition launched

Building on the success of its 2017 debut in the region, Huawei launched the second edition of Huawei Middle East ICT Competition under the patronage of Eng. Haytham AlOhali, Vice Minister of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT), and in the presence of Chinese Ambassador Li Huaxin, as well as representatives from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), and Saudi universities.

The second edition of Huawei Middle East ICT Competition which will run in Saudi Arabia and 9 other countries in the region is a critical initiative in the Middle East, as it prepares the next generation of leaders for an intelligent world where every person, home and organization is fully connected. Combining the company’s CSR goal of nurturing local ICT talent with its vision to build the local ICT ecosystem, Huawei aims to equip countries in the Middle East to pursue their national agendas for digital transformation.

Throughout the competition phases, students will gain knowledge and experience in the latest ICT technologies through course material on advanced IP and IT and get a glimpse of 5G technology which is set to disrupt the way business is carried out and people interact.

The competition promotes innovation and creativity among students, while increasing competitiveness and encouraging local communities to contribute to achieving the country’s national vision for digital transformation and economic growth. It will also enhance students’ future employment opportunities by bridging the gap between the classroom and the workplace and providing hands-on skills development training at Huawei’s state of the art labs, R&D centers and facilities.

Eng. Haytham AlOhali said “this is a fantastic opportunity to advance our students into the digital era by offering them superior technical ICT experience in the latest cutting-edge technologies and trends under the tutelage of a global ICT leader like Huawei. This competition will equip young talents with the necessary skills to take lead in achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s national agendas and Saudi Vision 2030.”

Li Huaxin said “this competition is yet another example of our partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I proudly recognize the contribution that Huawei makes through its social responsibility programs as it plays a major role in developing the youth of the Kingdom. The ICT Competition which runs in the region and the around the world is a stepping stone for the young generation into the digital era. It will hone their skills and put them on track to lead the development of their countries.”

Spacelee, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications, Huawei Middle East, said: “We would like to thank Eng. Haytham AlOhali, Vice Minister of MCIT, and all our local partners for their support in this exciting initiative. We are committed to supporting the local government in achieving the goals of their national agendas for digitalization and diversification, and the ICT Competition, which promotes knowledge transfer and sharing across the region, has a key role to play. As we move forward to build an intelligent world, we believe nurturing local young talents will yield a generation of ICT leaders who are ready to lead their countries into the next stage of digital transformation.” — SG