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STC reviews its digital solutions in Hajj Hackathon 2018

STC has recorded a significant presence in the Middle East's largest hackathon (Haj Hackathon), which is being held in Jeddah under the sponsorship of the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones, in which the company is taking technical sponsorship to emphasize its role as a leader in the field of ICT and digital services, and comprehensive innovative solutions.

The company provide its digital services for more than 3000 developer in the hackathon from all around the world, through its specialized pavilion that exhibits the company`s services in cybersecurity and ICT, in line with STC`s role as a national company that owns 65% of the telecommunication`s infrastructure that has been dedicated to support the country`s efforts in digitization and innovative solutions to serve pilgrims. The services include IOT for weather forecast, safety procedures, early alarm for number 911 that MOI provide to receive all notices.

STC has a previous successful experience in supporting the competition of (STCS Hackathon) that was held in Riyadh on the margin of the annual Cybersecurity Conference for MENA 2017, with the aim of qualifying Saudi talented youth in cybersecurity from ten Saudi universities, represented by fourteen team to present a road map for the nature of cybersecurity threats.

Recently, STC launched Cyber Craft program to train more than 150 students in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Khobar in cooperation with two leading global companies in the field of e-learning for cybersecurity. This initiative is counted to be the first of its kind for age group youngster in the field of cybersecurity, to take advantage of their energies and potentials and determine their course of education and professional sound early through its academy.

Source: STC Press Release