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Nshama launches cloud-based customer portal

Nshama, a UAE-based developer of integrated communities, has announced the launch of its new customer portal which delivers an omni-channel experience for tenants and owners through a cloud-based platform powered by Salesforce.

Nshama aims to create elegantly master-planned neighbourhoods that are smart, interconnected and tech-driven.

Fred Durie, chief executive officer at Nshama, said: “Our new digitisation milestone offers a seamless customer experience; both tenants and owners of Nshama developments will have the ability to get faster response, more tailored services, and improved access through web, mobile, and tablet.”

Sami Caracand, CEO of Cloud Concept, the implementation partner of Salesforce in the Gulf, commented: “Our work with Nshama is part of a larger vision driven by Nshama’s desire to adopt the latest technologies to benefit their internal and external stakeholders; we are honoured to be part of this endeavour.”