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Avaya committed to driving development of Kuwait’s knowledge-based economy

“Embracing new technologies, leveling the field and building new solutions. These are just some of many reasons why Avaya exists in the Middle East,” a senior official of Avaya Middle East, Africa and Turkey told Kuwait Times. Avaya Vice President Fadi Hani is in Kuwait to attend a forum organized at Four Seasons’ Hotel to showcase the company’s commitment to its customers in this part of the world.

“Our primary focus is on customer satisfaction and enabling new technologies and digital platforms to be used and adopted by our valued customers to their advantage. One example is through artificial intelligence – how it is used for a better customer experience,” he said. AI can predict what customers want or can even guide customers in a certain way to get the expected outcome.

“For example, speech recognition technology has helped many. AI is significantly impacting everything related to a customer’s experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) is playing a big role in AI technology. In the medical field, we now have machines that talk to each other. In a hospital in Saudi Arabia (Habib Medical Group), doctors can monitor various ICU units across multiple hospitals from one centralized location using IoT technology connected to monitoring units,” Hani said.
But AI and IoT, according to Hani, are in an early stage. “These are still being tested on how they can adapt and benefit businesses and customers. All of these are new and we can say they’re part of many aggressive technologies now flooding the market,” he added.

AI is an area of computer science that creates intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include speech recognition, learning, planning and problem solving. Hani takes pride in Avaya’s presence in Kuwait and his company’s achievements since its establishment. “We are in the oil and gas sectors in Kuwait (KOC); we are also in the banking sector – KFH is our primary customer in this sector; we are also in the hospitality industry and are involved in hospitals (Jahra Hospital). In education, we are connected and involved with Kuwait University. We are in some ministries like the Interior Ministry, addressing public safety solutions,” he said.

With regards to competition, he said each company has its own particular strengths, adding Avaya is an open platform regardless of whether you only want one solution – other competitors can provide other solutions. “We give you the platform to be used. We provide you with the products and we give you the flexibility to protect your investments even if they are from other sources,” he said.

Hani said the Kuwaiti market is growing and dynamic and that many are hungry for the latest technologies. “They are quite tech-savvy and the level of intelligence and adoptability is very high. They know how they want to be treated when it comes to technology. They want their mobile apps to be able to do even beyond what is already available. Service providers here are great and are creating the momentum to set a higher standard in the entire digital platform,” he said.

According to Hani, he is looking at a double-digit growth in terms of sales in the Kuwait market. “The government has started spending on digital platforms. It is now spending on healthcare facilities and education, while the oil and gas sector is really doing well. So we see growth and traction, a big contributor in our growth engine,” he said.

Avaya is a leading global business communications company, committed to driving the development of Kuwait’s knowledge-based economy by leveraging technology. Avaya recently honored leading customers for their innovative deployments of its next-generation communications solutions in key industry sectors, including banking, retail, aviation, oil and gas, financial services, and healthcare.