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Gemalto keep to create a chain of trust for the 5G ecosystem

Digital security company Gemalto is looking to its 5G strategy across its various business groups. At the centre, though, is the question of trust. Trust needs to be established throughout the network, with a chain of trust from the device end-point through the cloud to however is the ultimate data broker.

LTE features hardware security solutions, such as that included in the HSS, eNodeB and the MEE, but the move to a virtualised infrastructure means we need to identify and establish a new fabric of trust from end to end.

Data collection must be classified as to who owns what and who has access to what, and whether it is public, private or confidential. Yes, data has to be monetised, but then security has to be applied that is appropriate to the level of confidentiality of that data. This security needs to be adapted to data type, and be scaled to the type of device –from simple IoT sensors through smartphones to mission-critical applications.