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Nokia launches AI-Powered Enterprise Networks Training Program to develop cross domain end-to-end network architects in Japan

Nokia announced the launch of its AI-Powered Enterprise Networks Training Program in Japan. The training program aims to develop and train cross domain end-to-end network architects, accelerating the adoption of network AI and automation practices in Japan. With its extensive expertise and a cutting-edge portfolio of AI-powered network solutions, Nokia will empower Japanese enterprises and communication service providers in the era of AI-driven networks.

Anticipating AI’s projected contribution of US$450 billion in value across various verticals and a US$7 trillion global GDP boost by 2030, the AI-Powered Enterprise Networks Training Program is part of Nokia’s ongoing Technology Strategy 2030 to equip communication service providers, enterprises, and industries to prepare for the transformative power of AI in the years ahead.

The program will provide participants a comprehensive understanding of overall network design and key decision points and provide them with the opportunity to learn how to align these choices with Cloud/Data Center networks, Data Center Interconnect networks, and overall network security to guide the future direction of the enterprise network. It also addresses multi-cloud and device design challenges, along with the benefits of fixed access networks for building robust access networks. By exploring the role of AI in network operations and automation, the program will prepare participants to manage complex and evolving network environments.

Masahiro Okazaki, Head of Enterprise and Partners for Network Infrastructure at Nokia Japan said: “The rise of AI is a game-changer for the telecommunications industry, particularly in leading markets like Japan. Optimizing networks, streamlining operations, and delivering exceptional customer experiences – AI unlocks these possibilities. As enterprises navigate the 5G era and prepare for 6G, investing in AI is not just an option, it is a strategic imperative. Nokia's AI-Powered Enterprise Networks Training Program directly addresses this by empowering network architects to capitalize on this transformative technology.”