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Subex Joins SAMENA Council to Help Create Artificial Intelligence-Powered Performance Enhancing Opportunities for Telecom Operators

SAMENA Council has announced that Subex, a telecommunications AI-powered digital ecosystem player leveraging AI to crate connected experiences and specialized products for the Industry, has joined its membership. The announcement comes at a time when the Council is preparing for its Leaders’ Summit 2024, centered on the industry’s evolution toward technology integration, intelligence, and sustainability in infrastructure.

Nisha Dutt, CEO of Subex, upon joining the membership of the South Asia – Middle East – North Africa Telecommunications Council, stated: “We are delighted to join the SAMENA Telecommunications Council, an esteemed platform that promotes collaboration and innovation across the South Asia, Middle East, and North Africa region. As a member, Subex is committed to leveraging its expertise in AI for CSP Business Operations to contribute to the council’s vision of creating a sustainable and technologically advanced telecommunications ecosystem. We look forward to engaging with fellow members to foster industry growth, enhance technological capabilities, and drive meaningful progress throughout the region.”

CEO of SAMENA Council and Board Member, Bocar BA, welcomed Subex and expressed: “Within the region, especially after heavy 5G investments have been made by Operators, there is a need to maximize revenue growth and profitability, while addressing overall sustainability concerns. We are excited to observe that Subex has expertise in AI-powered business optimization and analytics, which can make a tangible difference in creating connected experiences and improving decision-making. We look forward to Subex’s thought-leadership and proactive engagement with SAMENA Council to create new value for Telecom Operators.”

With a legacy of having served the market through world-class solutions for business optimization and analytics, Subex is now leading the way by enabling the creation of connected experiences in the telecom industry. Through its HyperSense line of offerings, Subex empowers communications service providers and enterprise customers to make faster, better decisions by leveraging AI across the data value-chain. Subex also specializes in Business Assurance and Fraud Management and enhances Operators’ capability to manage risk, combat fraud, and create new revenue models, thereby ensuring better profitability, enhanced customer experience, and optimized enterprise performance.

Source: Press Release