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Digital economy forum highlights Amman’s potential as tech hub

The “Invest in Digital Economy” Forum concluded Monday, highlighting Amman as the digital economy capital with promising potential and information technology expertise.

The forum, organised by the Jordan Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Development (ICCD), underlined prospects offered by the digital economy in emerging countries in general and Islamic countries in particular, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

The forum highlighted key achievements in Islamic countries in digital governments or digital financial systems that central banks contributed to, as well as developments in the business sector.

The forum brought together representatives of relevant governments and ministries from various countries, digital economy experts and researchers, representatives of international bodies and senior businessmen in member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Participants stressed a strategic vision at the national and institutional levels, whose absence, they warned, will turn the digital revolution into a real challenge for those who are not well prepared, or who cannot utilise it in the business sector.

The forum also highlighted that one of the key opportunities available to the private sector in Islamic countries is integration which provides an outstanding opportunity for everyone, together with an existing huge market in a vast area with diverse interests, tastes and needs.

The two-day forum, in which representatives of the 57 ICCD countries took part, sought to encourage the development of the digital economy in Jordan and the rest of the Islamic world, enhance investment, introduce the Islamic world to Jordan’s investment potential and empower entrepreneurs and small enterprises.