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BTC to commence mobile network optimization project

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) says that it plans to fully shut down its entire 2G network by June, as it commences major upgrades to its mobile network and only utilize its 4G-LTE network.

The company noted in a statement that it is currently optimizing its network fully, continuously improving the overall customer experience. A major part of this project includes reviewing and cleaning up the spectrum being utilized on the mobile network.

The company noted that it is currently utilizing 2G, 3G, and 4G-LTE spectrum to deliver mobile services and intends to streamline its network by only utilizing the fully enhanced 4G-LTE network, which will provide a better experience for all.

Director of Technology & Operations, Drexel Woods, said: “We are undergoing a comprehensive review of our networks. On the mobile side of the network, we are aligning with industry standards and transitioning those still utilizing the 2G network to the faster, stronger, and more reliable 4G-LTE network. Although most users are already on the LTE network, there are still pockets of customers that utilize the 2G network. A number of these are business customers who use the technology for a variety of solutions. Over the last few weeks, we have been reaching out to them to guide how they can use the LTE network for their business.”

To ensure that customers remain connected and continue to access the mobile network, customers are encouraged to upgrade their SIM card to an LTE SIM card free of charge at any BTC retail store and, where necessary, also upgrade their mobile phone devices.

BTC intends to streamline not only the mobile network but also its copper network. The company has already commenced the sunset of its copper network, decommissioning copper in several communities in Grand Bahama and New Providence.

The 2G network will be shut down in phases across the Family Islands and New Providence.

It is expected to be fully shut down by the end of June.