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AWS to invest in Spain

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a significant investment plan of €15.7 billion in Spain, aimed at bolstering its AWS Europe (Spain) region. This investment is projected to support the equivalent of 17,500 full-time jobs annually in local businesses and contribute €21.6 billion to Spain's GDP by 2033. The initiative highlights Spain's strategic importance as a digital hub in Southern Europe, leveraging the country's excellent connectivity and favorable climatic and energy conditions. The investment also aligns with Spain's recently approved AI strategy.

Spanish Minister for Digital Transformation and Public Function, José Luis Escrivá, emphasized the strategic significance of AWS's investment, noting that it solidifies Spain's position as a leader in technological innovation and artificial intelligence in Europe. The investment will particularly benefit the region of Aragón, where 40% of the estimated national jobs (around 6,800) will be located. These jobs will span various sectors, including construction, facility maintenance, engineering, and telecommunications. Moreover, over half of the projected contribution to Spain's GDP will be concentrated in Aragón.

AWS's commitment to Aragón includes establishing a sustainable and technologically advanced infrastructure. Suzana Curic, AWS General Manager for Iberia, reiterated the company's dedication to supporting Spain through continued collaboration with local schools and community initiatives. AWS aims to maintain 100% renewable energy usage in its Aragón data centers and explore innovative, efficient, and sustainable operational practices. The investment also marks a sixfold increase from AWS's initial €2.5 billion plan announced in 2021.

Key Points:

  • Investment Amount: AWS will invest €15.7 billion in Spain.
  • Economic Impact: Expected to contribute €21.6 billion to Spain's GDP by 2033.
  • Job Creation: Supporting 17,500 full-time jobs annually, with 40% of these in Aragón.
  • Sustainability: AWS data centers in Aragón are 100% renewable energy-powered.
  • Local Support: Continued collaboration with local schools and community initiatives.
  • Expansion: Investment plan is six times the original plan from 2021.
  • Aragón's Role: Significant focus on Aragón, with substantial economic and job benefits.
  • Innovation Leadership: Reinforces Spain's position as a technological and AI hub in Europe.