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Viasat and Azercosmos expanding satellite services in Azerbaijan

Viasat and Azercosmos are partnering to bring L-band satellite services to Azerbaijan.

Under the proposed arrangement, Azercosmos and Viasat will provide connectivity for a range of industrial applications to help organisations operate more efficiently, sustainably, or safely - even in the most remote locations. This includes powering applications like tracking and telemetry for advanced transport systems, pipeline monitoring and control for energy companies, real-time control for utilities, and environmental or safety monitoring for mining and agriculture.

Azercosmos provides a range of telecommunications, remote sensing, surveying, and ground station communications services in both public and private sectors. The collaboration with Viasat will significantly expand its available connectivity offering, meaning it can provide more services for existing and new customers alongside connectivity from its existing satellite fleet.

Fuad Aslanov, Vice-chairman of Azercosmos, noted: “The agile response in the satellite service market is critically important for us, and we aim to expand our reliable service to consumers and businesses globally.”