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Yango pledges support for Africa tech growth

Yango, one of the leading tech companies operating in Africa, has pledged its continued commitment to the continent’s development at the CEO AFRICA Forum held in Kigali recently.

The forum brought together innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and public policy makers to discuss the future of technology and its impact on African cities.

Yango has grown exponentially since entering the continent six years ago, now operating in over 13 countries and becoming in some countries the household name for affordable, safe rides and deliveries.

This growth has help to consolidate its position as a frontrunner in the ride-hailing and tech services.

A statement by the company said Yango’s Chief Business Officer and Head of Africa, Adeniyi Adebayo, took part in the strategic Innovation and Tech panel where he shared the company’s vision and the role of technology in transforming urban transportation in Africa.

Adebayo stated, “We are thrilled to once again be a part of this community. The prestigious forum provided a platform for Yango to highlight our success and share insights on the future of African mobility and demonstrate dedication to sustainable growth, local investment, and commitment to African markets.

“We have increased our investment in the continent demonstrating our strong commitment to sustained, long-term growth across Africa with new markets and services launched since the last CEO Africa forum, thus doubling our number of rides year-on-year.”

In Africa, Yango initially launched its ride-hailing services starting with Ivory Coast in 2018, and is now present in Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, DRC, Ghana, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Republic of Congo, Senegal, Zambia and Ethiopia.

Today, almost a million drivers and couriers use the Yango platform as their main income source. Yango rides in 2023 more than doubled year on year. More than a quarter billion journeys have been taken on Yango in Africa since the start.

Yango’s ride-hailing business model is focused on empowering Entrepreneurship and strengthening local partners’ development across the continent.

As of December 2023, more than 1720 SME partners in Africa benefited from their partnership with Yango.

Yango’s strength remains in technology excellence, and provision of top-notch products and services to local SME partners who run their transport, delivery and financial services businesses

. Yango expects to grow the number of partners by 30 per cent through 2024 and will focus on devising business improvement programs for SME suppliers to grow with Yango.

Alongside ride-hailing, Yango also has diverse businesses globally such as Maps, Navigator, Yango devices (Yasmina), media services (Play), cloud storage (Photo), fintech (Pay), Education, on-demand item delivery and food delivery and e-commerce etc.

Yango has already started expansion to new services with the Yangoapp, committing to be the one-stop shop for Africans across the continent.

Yango is an international tech company that transforms global technologies into everyday services tailored for local communities. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we reshape and enhance leading cutting-edge technologies from around the world into seamlessly integrated daily services for diverse regions.

Yango provides through its superapp and ride-hailing services across 20+ countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Yango’s multilingual app is available for free on Android and iOS.