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China's Mango TV, Huawei ink deal with Kenyan media outlets to foster content sharing

Mango Television of China signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese telecoms firm Huawei and Kenyan media houses, aiming to enhance the production, distribution and consumption of high-quality content in Kenya.

The agreement allows Kenyan television channels to access Mango TV content, including entertainment, through Huawei's cloud service, aiming to promote cultural cooperation and understanding between China and Kenya.

Senior government officials and executives from Mango TV, Huawei and leading Kenyan television stations attended the signing ceremony in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.

Timothy Owase, chief executive officer of the Kenya Film Commission, said that this partnership would drive growth in the creative economy by using technology to produce and distribute content to specific audiences.

Mango TV's presence in Kenya is a significant opportunity for local creatives, providing a platform for content creation and global outreach, especially to the vast population in China, Owase said.

He added that closer collaboration between Chinese and Kenyan media would revolutionize cultural cooperation, strengthen friendship bonds, and create sustainable income for local artists.

Edison Wong, international business director at Mango TV, said that the collaboration would focus on co-production, talent development and co-branding to disseminate content suitable for a wide range of demographics.

Mango TV plans to share entertainment programs, including drama, music and dance, as well as human interest stories, for airing on Kenyan television channels to promote Sino-Kenyan cultural ties.

Gao Fei, president of Huawei East Africa, said that the partnership would facilitate seamless production and distribution of content, fostering the growth of the local creative industry and strengthening friendship between Chinese and Kenyan citizens.

Through the Huawei cloud service, Mango TV and Kenyan media houses will have a platform for sharing entertainment and educational content.

Fred Afune, director of ICT and Radio Programs at Royal Media Services, Kenya's leading broadcast media station, said that partnering with Mango TV and Huawei will enable local media to leverage Chinese technology and expertise to transform content creation in line with changing audience preferences.