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Orange Jordan launches digital inclusion catalogue

In alignment with its commitment towards persons with disabilities, Orange Jordan announced the launching of its digital inclusion catalogue, coinciding with the Global Accessibility Awareness Day that the world observes on May 16th every year.

This catalogue falls under the “Differently Abled, Definitely Enabled” initiative to boost digital inclusion for persons with disabilities. It will serve the purpose of being a comprehensive guide for all the services, and privileges that Orange Jordan offers to the persons with disabilities in its showrooms. The catalogue is translated into sign language in Arabic and English. It includes as well voice assistance (text-to-voice) feature for people with visual impairments.

These services include devices with features that are meant to help elderly people and persons with disabilities and enable them to get to know the services offered by Orange showrooms, in addition to the SignBook application service. The catalogue is also available on the website of Orange Jordan under the CSR section.

By launching this catalogue, Orange Jordan is not only heading steps forward to include all people in its offerings, but it also provides a testament to its profound belief that digital inclusion should be an integral and tangible part of its vision to digitally empower and involve all.

The catalogue will be serving people with physical, visual, and hearing disabilities as this falls at the heart of Orange Jordan’s endeavors to provide its customers with the best experience available.

It is worth mentioning that this catalogue comes in line with other several initiatives and programs that Orange Jordan has implemented targeting persons with disabilities including signing a sponsorship agreement with Raneen Foundation to implement “Raneen Club for Audio Stories” project and launching the free-call initiative (114) with the Public Security Directorate to serve persons with disabilities.