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Germany's freenet partners with 1GLOBAL eSIM infrastructure to launch roaming service

Germany's largest independent mobile service provider, freenet, has partnered with the global telecommunications network 1GLOBAL to power their new offering, freenet Travel.

This new product creates immediate added value for freenet customers who plan on visiting other countries. Whether travelling for business or leisure, calculating roaming costs and data usage abroad can often be complex. 1GLOBAL eSIMs offer millions of freenet customers a crucial advantage, enabling seamless mobile internet usage in countries outside the EU while avoiding high roaming charges.

1GLOBAL eSIMs: worry-free travel and minimal roaming charges for freenet users

All freenet customers with eSIM-compatible devices now have access to the service. To install the eSIM on their phone, they simply scan a QR code and follow the onscreen prompts. Once downloaded, a 1GLOBAL eSIM can be used as many times as needed in any of the countries supported by the secure high-speed network.

Users can choose from a variety of tariffs and instantly book a data plan for their desired destination, even if they have no internet connection. They will also benefit from 1GLOBAL’s high-speed 4G/5G network. 1GLOBAL has developed a complete eSIM ecosystem including Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) and Entitlement Servers, ensuring the highest quality throughout the eSIM deployment lifecycle. Their fully integrable API can be customised and adapted to deliver an outstanding client experience across a wide range of telco products.

Hakan Koç, founder and CEO of 1GLOBAL

We are among the few providers worldwide capable of supplying and configuring eSIMs ourselves. Through this partnership, millions of freenet customers can now book various data packages for countries outside the EU, allowing them to communicate cost-effectively during their travels.

Salome Andrade Pohl, Head of Digital Lifestyle at freenet

By using 1GLOBAL eSIM capabilities, we are embracing a future-proof, modern technology. This enables us to further expand our positioning around digital lifestyle offerings.