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Saudi’s DataVolt to invest in data centres across Uzbekistan

Saudi firm DataVolt, which says it leads the way in sustainable digital infrastructure and renewable energy, has recently announced the launch, which took place earlier this month, of a data centre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and signed an agreement for more to come.

The new data centre, timelines for the completion of which have not been disclosed, is to feature a modular infrastructure design, allowing for scalable solutions able to accommodate various workloads ranging from hundreds to a few thousands of teraflops.

Specifications of the new facility weren’t shared by the company, but news resource Datatechvibe reports that the Uzbek Ministry of Digital Technologies has said it will offer 10MW via a US$150 million investment.

And that’s not all. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed at the Tashkent International Investment Forum in early May at which DataVolt confirmed an agreement with the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan for an investment programme covering up to 500MW of data centres across the country.

Rajit Nanda, DataVolt‘s CEO, has been widely quoted as saying: “This is the first data centre project for us in Uzbekistan, but it brings already strong aspects of innovation in sustainability using certified renewable energy from solar and wind fed into dedicated energy storage units and balanced by dedicated systems powered by hydrogen and other green fuels in order to secure round-the-clock green energy to our data centre at the high level of reliability/availability required by the computing processes."

The Data Centre Dynamics website says that DataVolt, which was founded last year, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vision Invest, a Saudi Arabian development and investment holding company focused on critical infrastructure.

We announced last year that DataVolt had signed an MoU with three ministries in Uzbekistan that will see it developing ‘green’ data centres in the market.