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Plans to install new 25-metre tall 5G towers near Bridgwater

New 5G towers reaching heights of 25-metres tall could be built in two villages near Bridgwater as plans have been submitted to Somerset Council.

Icon Tower Infrastructure Ltd has applied to erect their new telecommunications equipment at Puriton Sports Centre, in Puriton, and at the Granary on Blackmore Farm, in Cannington.

In Puriton, the applicant seeks permission for the installation of telecommunications equipment including a base station installation comprising of one 25m lattice tower, 12 antennas on two headframes, six ground based cabinets, one meter cabinet and associated ancillary development, including compound fencing.

In Cannington, a similar application hopes to be granted permission to install new telecommunications equipment, comprising of one 25m lattice mast, another electricity transmission tower, six cabinets, twelve antennas on two headframes, four 600mm diameter transmission link dishes, and associated ancillary development.

The applicant stated that new 5G towers are essential and in the public's best interest for optimum mobile connectivity.

They also explained why the proposed new towers are comprised of so many components.

"The new technology is bigger and more complex, the antennas are multiband and need to be supported by an increased number of ancillaries," the applicant wrote.

"In real terms, the loads that these equipment configurations amount to means that large numbers of ground based masts in the UK are no longer able to support the networks and need to be replaced by stronger more capable structures."

For more information on the Puriton plans, search reference 42/24/00011 on Somerset Council's online planning portal - or search 13/24/00005 for the Cannington application.

Public consultation on both sets of plans is now open, and comments are welcomed until Friday, May 17 - a decision could be made from the following day.