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TV3 migrates from on-prem servers to AWS Cloud with Redge

Redge Technologies has worked with TV3 to transition the Baltic broadcaster from on-premises servers to AWS Cloud.

TV3 is the leading media group operating across Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It provides a wide range of free and subscription-based television choices, radio channels, AVOD and SVOD video platforms, and other services.

It also runs the most extensive SVOD broadcasting platform in the Baltic region known as Go3, catering to over 500,000 subscribers, which since 2019 has been based on Redge Media technology.

Redge Technologies partnered with TV3 to migrate its infrastructure from on-premises servers situated in Riga to AWS, following the guidelines of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). Employing AWS top-tier practices and technical resources, the transition was swift and seamless, with minimal downtime.

In collaboration with AWS Partner Chaos Gears, Redge Technologies established a hybrid environment, transferring the primary application to the cloud.

This encompassed deploying monitoring, CI/CD processes, and security measures. Effective communication between migrated components and remaining on-premises infrastructure elements was ensured, with plans for migration in subsequent steps or retention based on their specific requirements.

The project resulted in the improved scalability to support a rapidly growing user base, better service stability and flexibility, and enhanced security thanks to entrusting responsibility to the service provider.