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CST updates the Saudi domain names regulations

The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST) announced its update of the Saudi Domain Names’ regulations, seeking to develop the Saudi domain name registration services while adhering to best international practices and harmonizing with the new ICT law.

The recent updates included adding and modifying some regulatory materials to introduce new services in the Saudi Domain Names field, such as the Premium Domain Names Registration Service, as well as allowing registrants to resell their registered domain names through aftermarket via licensed registrars. The updates also include changing the name of “The Saudi Domain Name Registration Regulation” document into “Saudi Domain Names Registration Regulations”, while “The Saudi Domain Name Dispute Resolution Rules” document became “The Saudi Domain Name Dispute Resolution Regulations”.

CST emphasizes that these adjustments aim to promote the Saudi domain names market by adding new features without affecting the obligations of the current registrants. It also noted that the Registrant’s continued use of any domain name will be considered as an acceptance of the updates to the regulation. CST invites the registrants to update their domains’ registration information and the administrative contacts' information through the licensed registrars. Noting that the updated regulations can be viewed through CST official website.