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Turkiye tests driverless vehicle for first time at 5G Technology Campus

A 100 percent electric autonomous vehicle was tested for the first time at the 5G Technology Campus, which was established in cooperation with Turkcell, ITU and Ericsson. The bus, which was driven without a driver within the campus, detected pedestrians on the road and automatically braked to give way to the students. Turkcell General Manager Ali Taha Koç said that they will take a wide range of innovative steps with the projects they implement.

“5G Technology Campus” established in cooperation with Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkcell and Ericsson started studies at ITU Ayazağa Campus. Following the signing ceremony attended by ITU Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu, Turkcell General Manager Dr. Ali Taha Koç and Ericsson Turkiye General Manager Işıl Yalçın, connection speed and efficiency measurements were made on the autonomous bus that will be supported by Turkcell 5G test infrastructure. A 100 percent electric autonomous vehicle connected via 5G was driven without a driver within the campus. The bus automatically braked by detecting pedestrians on the road, stopped at pedestrian crossings and gave way to students.

R&D cooperation between ITU, Turkcell and Ericsson will offer students and academics the opportunity to work actively in research and development projects for 5G. The project is aimed to play an important role in training qualified human resources for the telecommunications ecosystem and technology industry. Built on Turkcell's superior fibre infrastructure, the 5G test network will be integrated with Turkcell network management systems with equipment such as the core network and new generation smart antennas provided by Ericsson.

Turkcell General Manager Dr. Ali Taha Koç said the following within the scope of the signed agreement: “New generation 5G technology; It will have a transformative impact on all industries, from education to health, from transportation to industry, in the near future. With the 5G Technology Campus project, we bring together academics and young minds with the business world and realise various usage scenarios and practical applications of the latest technologies. We continue our efforts to offer the first and pioneering new generation mobile networks for individuals and institutions. In the coming years, we will introduce many innovations with similar R&D projects and continue to expand the domestic technology ecosystem. “With this knowledge, we will continue our leadership and guidance in our country's transition to 5G technology.”

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu said, “This collaboration offers unique opportunities for our students and researchers by bringing together the academic knowledge of our university with industry and technology. The established 5G test network will serve as a test environment for researchers. It will also enable our students to participate in 5G studies and participate in the development of technology solutions."

Ericsson Turkiye General Manager Işıl Yalçın said, “The launch of the 5G Technology Campus on the Istanbul Technical University campus is a step in our joint efforts to build a more connected digital future using emerging technologies. Ericsson and Turkcell have been partnering since the introduction of 2G mobile communications in Turkiye. The two companies are in close cooperation to establish state-of-the-art mobile telecommunication networks to improve the quality of life of the country and the region.”