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Cisco completes acquisition of Isovalent to define the future of multicloud networking and security

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) announced the completion of the acquisition of Isovalent, a leader in open source cloud native networking and security. This marks a significant step forward in Cisco’s commitment to define the future of secure, multicloud networking.

Isovalent’s innovative technologies will become a cornerstone of the Cisco Security Cloud vision, an AI-driven, cloud-delivered, integrated security platform designed to accommodate organizations of any size, offering cutting-edge protection against threats in a multicloud world.

Isovalent’s team has been a major contributor to the open source technology eBPF and has led the development of cloud-native solutions Cilium and Tetragon. These advancements provide IT and platform engineering with robust networking capabilities and enhanced visibility into cloud native interactions, enabling smooth policy definition and enforcement across software defined networks.

The Isovalent team joins the Cisco Security Business Group.