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HK Electric deploys Hutchison HK's 5G 'Smart Inspector' robotic solution

Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) (HTHK) announced the successful deployment of its 5G 'Smart Inspector' Robotic Solution by The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd (HK Electric). The “Smart Inspector” is now “on board” at HK Electric responsible for round-the-clock surveillance and inspection of a confined cable tunnel, helping to keep power supply equipment safe and maintain reliable electricity supply. The solution utilises high-speed and low-latency 5G technology to comprehensively enhance patrolling efficiency in an enclosed tunnel area, further demonstrating a real-life scenario of the 5G robotic solution application.

Underlining boundless possibilities of 5G

Cable tunnels are an integral part of HK Electric's power transmission and distribution network. Most of them are confined spaces posing certain restrictions for staff during inspections. As a result, the power company plans to convert those cable tunnels to "smart cable tunnels" in phases, while deploying the "Smart Inspector" Robotic Solution at the same time.

The "Smart Inspector" Robotic Solution was first deployed at a HK Electric cable tunnel in Cyberport. The robot is authorised to enter and exit the tunnel, while in general only certified workers and staff are allowed to enter the tunnel for inspections.

With built-in cameras, as well as gas, humidity and temperature sensors, the “Smart Inspector” can detect the environment and inspect cable conditions inside the tunnel while collecting various data. This reduces the risks faced by staff when entering such confined spaces. The robot can also be remotely operated on 5G, and even have preset working schedules to automate tasks. Even in inclement weather conditions, it can continue to work and keep power supply equipment safe and maintain reliable electricity supply.

Smart Inspector" Robotic Solution was tailored to help make cable tunnel inspections at HK Electric more convenient and flexible. It also helps to ensure staff safety during inspections in an enclosed space, showcasing the scalability and possibility of 5G.”

Extending the use of 5G robots

3Business, leveraging its professional experience, has installed 5G receivers in the cable tunnel, enabling high-speed signals to reach the entire tunnel and make real-time transmission of high-definition images and data possible. Furthermore, the team has also designed and implemented the entire solution, providing comprehensive support to elevate the operations of 5G robots in retail, catering and property management sectors to critical tasks in other sectors, helping meet the needs of various industries, accelerate their digital transformation journeys and promote the smart city development of Hong Kong.

The 'Smart Inspector' Robotic Solution, tailored by HTHK’s 3Business team to meet the operational needs of HK Electric, has been a successful case of the 'Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G' launched by the Office of the Communications Authority.

Jess Mak, HTHK Senior Vice President of Enterprise Market

The 3Business team is dedicated to providing corporate customers with one-stop 5G solutions, coupled with innovative services to drive digital transformation in different sectors. The