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Khedmah propels digital transformation in Oman with the launch of ‘Khedmah Pay’ e-wallet

Oman Investment & Finance Co. (Khedmah), a payments and collections service in the Sultanate of Oman, has launched its innovative e-wallet, Khedmah Pay.

Following the Central Bank of Oman’s (CBO) approval, Khedmah has now finalised the integration for a seamless and secure digital payment experience, marking a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to digitalisation. Khedmah Pay will serve as an additional payment option for customers looking to enhance their digital payment experience, replacing traditional alternatives such as cash payments, credit card payments, or bank transfers.

Khedmah Pay will allow valued customers interested in utilising this feature to open an account in the E-wallet through simplified procedures. Subsequently, they can add funds to the wallet, enabling them to make payments through Khedmah Pay app. This includes paying bills, recharging mobile and electricity balances, subscribing to entertainment channels, settling traffic fines, insuring their cars, and other available services in the Khedmah Pay app.

Said Ahmed Safrar, Chief Executive Officer at OIFC, stated, “By harnessing the latest developments in the digital realm and seamlessly integrating them into every aspect of its operation, Khedmah has been successful in delivering sophisticated payment solutions to its customers. The introduction of the e-wallet is a milestone in our digital roadmap, enabling the masses to transact digitally even without a bank account or credit card. ”

Khedmah Pay users will enjoy the convenience of recharging their e-wallets, embedded in the popular Khedmah mobile app, and making payments by simply scanning QR codes at various shops, stores, and hypermarkets or through transferring to the phone number associated with the bank account. Recharging the e-wallet is flexible, allowing users to link it to their existing bank accounts or conveniently replenish it with cash at any of Khedmah’s branches throughout the Sultanates, catering to individuals without a bank.

Khedmah launched the E-wallet project in partnership with one of the leading financial technology companies operating in the region (Progress Soft), renowned for its collaboration with numerous automated payment service providers to enhance customer experiences and streamline digital payment processes.