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Telkom Indonesia teams with Scala Japan to boost digital agriculture

Telkom Indonesia announced that it is collaborating with IT firm Scala Japan to develop digital innovations and utilise Telkom’s digital agriculture platform to strengthen Indonesia’s agricultural ecosystem and food sustainability.

The partnership between Telkom Indonesia and Scala aims to tackle various challenges in the agricultural sector, to include food security. According to Telkom, Indonesia’s potential in the agricultural sector is massive, but sector players have been held back by obstacles such as limited market access, lack of price and demand information, and supply chain and distribution inefficiencies.

One of the digital solutions Telkom Indonesia and Scala will explore to address these problems is farm management services, which focuses on organizing existing agricultural assets to increase production capacity and streamline the business processes of agribusiness companies.

Meanwhile, the two companies will leverage Telkom’s “Agree” digital agriculture platform to explore new ventures in the agricultural sector, with an initial focus on virtual wholesale markets.

Telkom Indonesia describes Agree as a comprehensive ecosystem with integrated capabilities designed to serve as a catalyst for sustainable agriculture. The telco says Agree has collaborated with more than 280 agribusiness company partners, and that the platform has been used by more than 29,000 farmers, breeders and cultivators.

Agree Farm Management and Agree Marketplace have successfully empowered farmers, agribusiness companies and every stakeholder in the value chain to thrive in the digital era, said Telkom Digital business director Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid.

“Utilization of leading technology such as AI, IoT, and big data analytics will increase productivity, increase Indonesia's food security, and most importantly will open up new opportunities in agriculture which will have an impact on the welfare of Indonesian farmers," he said.