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Talabat and Truecaller forge strategic partnership

Talabat, a leading platform for food deliveries, has partnered with Truecaller to enhance customer safety and streamline business communication through Truecaller's Verified Business Caller ID solution suite.

In an era where smartphone users are inundated with countless calls, Talabat recognises the importance of providing a trusted, safe and secure experience for its delivery personnel, restaurant affiliates, and customers.

With Truecaller's Verified Business Caller ID solution, Talabat can now enhance its phone-based communication by providing authentic brand identity, context, trust & safety. This empowers users to identify genuine business calls and significantly improve their communication experience.

Customer experience

Leveraging Truecaller’s Verified Business Caller ID solution, Talabat marks a significant advancement in the food ordering to delivery lifecycle by enriching the customer experience through verified and contextual business communication. By integrating elements such as brand name, logo, category name, verification tick, and a distinctive green badge, Talabat solidifies its unique presence as a consumer-centric brand in the Middle East and North Africa markets.

Priyam Bose, Global Head GTM & Developer Products, Truecaller, said: “Truecaller is synonymous with trust and safety in communication. We provide businesses with solutions that boost communication effectiveness, fortify their brand's reputation, and ensure safety while communicating with consumers. We are thrilled to partner with Talabat, empowering their restaurant partners and delivery personnel to offer a superior, efficient, and safer communication experience to their customers, from the moment of ordering to the delivery lifecycle.”

Facilitating communication

Hadeer Shalaby, Managing Director of Talabat Egypt, said: "We strongly believe in the power of effective partnerships, and we are pleased to collaborate with Truecaller. This partnership aims to facilitate communication between our customers and delivery teams, ensuring the fastest and safest service possible."

By prioritising seamless communication, Talabat aims to provide integrated experiences for all parties involved, including restaurant partners, delivery teams, and end consumers. This strategic partnership with Truecaller underscores Talabat's commitment to enhancing customer confidence and safety in the evolving food ordering and delivery landscape.