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Check Point collaborates with NVIDIA to fortify AI cloud infrastructure

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, a leading provider of AI-powered cybersecurity platforms delivered through the cloud, has recently announced a strategic collaboration with NVIDIA. This partnership aims to enhance the security of AI cloud infrastructure. By integrating with NVIDIA DPUs, the Check Point AI Cloud Protect solution is designed to effectively combat threats at both network and host levels, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Gera Dorfman, Vice President of Network Security at Check Point Software Technologies, underscored the growing complexity of cyber attacks aimed at AI workloads in the cloud. He stressed the critical nature of providing a secure AI cloud solution to protect vulnerable AI workloads from advancing cyber threats.

The rapid advancement of AI technology has significantly transformed workplace productivity and innovation. However, this progress has also led to the emergence of new vulnerabilities specifically targeting AI systems. These threats pose a significant risk to the reliability of AI models, potentially undermining business outcomes and eroding trust in AI operations. To effectively tackle these challenges, Check Point and NVIDIA are collaborating to integrate network and host-level security insights, providing a comprehensive solution to safeguard AI infrastructures from diverse cyber threats.

Yael Shenhav, Vice President of Networking Products at NVIDIA, stressed the critical importance of safeguarding AI clouds. “As AI becomes increasingly prevalent, the security of AI clouds becomes paramount,” emphasized Shenhav. She further highlighted, “NVIDIA BlueField 3 empowers innovators like Check Point to deliver robust cybersecurity measures, ensuring the protection of AI cloud data centers while optimizing AI performance.”