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2 MoC services transferred to Google Cloud

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced that it has taken concrete steps to transfer some of its services to Google Cloud. The ministry has moved the electronic portals designated for real estate management and issuing e-certificates of origin, it said in a statement Sunday.

The ministry said the move comes as part of its plan to enhance its digital transformation process, which allows it to provide integrated electronic services using the advanced technologies provided by cloud computing. The ministry pointed out that there are similar steps to transfer many services and portals to Google Cloud, through which it provides its services to citizens and business owners.

It added that it is working to enhance the level of security and protection of the data of citizens and companies through advanced cloud computing services provided by Google Cloud, stressing that cloud computing provides additional layers of protection and encryption of data.

The Ministry of Commerce also highlighted the importance of transferring its range of services to Google Cloud in accelerating development and innovation, noting that “it provides a flexible environment for development and easily scalable computing resources.”

“It also allows the ministry’s development teams to develop and test software faster and at a lower cost, which promotes digital transformation and contributes to achieving the goals of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s vision more efficiently,” they added