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Gigaclear rural full fiber broadband provider gets 100,000 customers

Gigaclear, a rural full fiber broadband provider based in Abingdon, has hit two major landmarks this March, serving now 100,000 customers and reaching half a million homes and businesses.

The numbers at the beginning of 2021 stood at 36,000 customers and 140,000 reachable premises. This increase underlines a significant expansion for Gigaclear in just over three years.

The firm's newly appointed CEO, Nathan Rundle greeted the good news stating it marked the conclusion of one phase in Gigaclear's expansion story, while simultaneously setting the stage for the next.

He anticipates the company, the UK's largest rural alternative network provider, reaching across the UK, to over a million premises by 2027.

Mr Rundle said: "It’s about giving people choice, something many of those living in small, often hard-to-reach rural communities currently don’t have.

"Our full fibre broadband fundamentally changes many of the communities we go to because it enables people to decide how they want to work and how they want to live their lives. It’s a choice many don’t have until we come along."

Mr. Rundle added the company would reinforce its mission to establish a unique, full fibre broadband network, aimed at fostering economic and social growth within ultra-rural communities.

The company firstly secured a commitment of up to £420m in June from global investor, Equitix, followed by a £1.5bn debt facility from a consortium of banks six months later.