Press Release

Press Release

TURKSAT becomes member of SAMENA Telecommunications Council

Turksat, Turkey's premier satellite operator, has become the latest satellite operator to enter into SAMENA Council's membership. Turksat ranks among the region's topmost integrated communications and TV service providers, and is the second major communications service provider from Turkey to join SAMENA Council, recently.

Turksat manages and operates four satellites (Turksat 2A, Turksat 3A, Turksat 4A and Turksat 4B) and provides all types of satellite communication services through Turksat’s own satellites as well as other satellites. With its high-tech infrastructure and experienced staff, Turksat is one of the world’s leading operators in the satellite communication business. Through innovative projects set to meet the communication demands of the communities in the Eastern hemisphere, Turksat provides services not only for Turkey, but also for people all over the world.

Prof. Dr. Ensar Gül, Turksat's General Manager, stated that "Turksat offers a great deal of flexible solutions by providing its customers with cable and wireless broadcasting, high-speed internet services, and DTH broadcasting services. It is our mission to transform information technology into services which are easily applicable to the everyday lives of people. By becoming a part of SAMENA Council, we affirm our commitment to building necessary communication networks, driving innovation through collaboration and knowledge exchange, and look forward to working with the community of terrestrial operators that are a part of SAMENA Council."

Bocar BA, CEO of SAMENA Council stated that "Turksat's joining SAMENA Council is an indication of desire of a key stakeholder from one of the largest ICT markets in the world to work closely with other regional ICT stakeholders toward building a strong digital future. Satellite operators are integral to global communications and their cooperation and collaboration with landline and cellular operators is necessary for achieving service ubiquity, reliability, and universal communication and broadband access. We very warmly welcome Dr. Ensar and Turksat's team to our community of ICT stakeholders, and are excited by the prospects of working closely with Turksat on stakeholder cooperation initiatives."

As a satellite operator member of SAMENA Council, Turksat will be able to leverage the Council’s regional and international reach as well as advocacy support programs, which are designed to encourage ICT policy framing and investment in digital infrastructure development, to approach regulatory and industry governance matters from transparent and consensus-driven perspectives, and to enable close communication among all the stakeholders, including terrestrial and satellite operators.