Press Release

Press Release

SAMENA's Convergence to Casablanca 2010 conference successfully held in Morocco

SAMENA Telecommunications Council’s Convergence to Casablanca 2010 conference was held in Morocco on October 26th through October 28th. The conference was attended by CEOs and telecommunications experts from leading telecommunication organizations. The event discussed the significance of collaboration and knowledge sharing, and innovation in transforming challenges into growth.
In order to reach business efficiencies and to transform challenges into growth, stakeholders have to collaborate wisely, set goals and decide how they want to achieve them.

Secretary General, Ministry of Industry, Trade and New Technologies of Morocco, Mounia Boucetta, opened the event on behalf of H.E. Ahmed Reda Chami, Minister of Industry, Commerce and New Technologies of Morocco. In her opening speech, Mounia Boucetta, said, “Telecommunications is a rapidly evolving and fast-growing industry, which is crucial for the economic development of any nation today. I am happy to be present at this important conference by SAMENA and appreciate its efforts in promoting and encouraging dialogue and the sharing of information within the industry.”

Bocar A. Ba, President of SAMENA Telecommunications Council added, “In today’s extremely competitive and dynamic telecommunications environment which is driven by the highly demanding tech-savvy consumer, SAMENA is taking the initiative and leading the change that is absolutely essential and imperative for the regional telecommunications industry. Collaborative solutions and knowledge-sharing are key to the sustainability and progression of the industry and the various organizations that operate within its domain.”

Eng. Saud Al Daweesh, Chairman of SAMENA Telecommunications Council said, “Industry shapers today need to be long sited to understand the end point in order to take the right path of evolution on services and technology. We need to accept that our role as operators is rapidly evolving to carry more traffic, at higher speeds, to more people, at lower prices, than ever before.” He further added that”Policy makers should ensure that emerging business models are financially sustainable in order to avoid over-consolidation and return to a monopolistic environment which serves neither economies nor consumers.” Talking about the broadband market in the region, the Chairman said “our broadband performance is still below the global average, in terms of speed, availability and take-up rates. While a few of our markets can match advanced markets of Europe, North America or some Asian markets, we have much to do still to ensure our region’s deployment rates improve quickly.”

A wide range of panel discussions addressed the vital topics of Broadband, Optical Networks and Applications, Mobile TV, and Content, among others. In addition to the panel discussion, the conference provided an opportunity for the SAMENA International Roaming Group (SIRG), Regulatory Committee and Technology Committee to hold discussions. “CEO’s Live Session” by the leading CEO’s and leaders offered the prospects to understand the evolving landscape and to be able to transform the challenges into growth. “Convergence to Casablanca 2010” was organized with support from Teralight, PCCW Global, Qualcomm, Nokia Siemens Networks, Huawei, du, Devoteam Group, and Telcordia, among others. Keynote speakers from around the SAMENA region, other parts of the world, shared visionary leadership insights and real market experiences.

Among key highlights of the Convergence to Casablanca conference were the annual awards, which were bestowed upon organizations and individuals serving in the telecom industry of the SAMENA region. The Council strives to provide its members the power and means to actively learn the dynamics of telecom markets in the three high-growth regions. Winners were selected for the awards from among a number of nominees and through a comprehensive and meticulous evaluation process. Awards ceremony was attended by a prolific gathering of executives from within and outside of the SAMENA region that included some of the most regionally and internationally renowned experts and opinion-makers.

SAMENA Telecommunications Council is a tri-regional, non-profit telecommunications association that embodies a community of South Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African telecoms operators, manufacturers, regulatory authorities, and academia. SAMENA aims to be the ultimate promoter of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the SAMENA region that spans 25 countries, including Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

The Council is driven by telecoms issues that operators in South Asia, the Middle East, and in North Africa face, and is determined in providing its advocacy expertise to help aid the incubation of novel approaches and ideas that would provide better means for the expansion and utilization of telecommunications in the region.

Headquartered in Dubai, SAMENA is chaired by Eng. Saud Al Daweesh, Group CEO of Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and is directed by Mr. Thomas W. Wilson, CEO, SAMENA Telecommunications Council.