Press Release

Press Release

SAMENA ACCELERATOR on October 13th to Build Case for 10 Gigabit Infrastructure Development in the SA-ME-NA & Neighbouring Regions

Dubai, October 3, 2023 – SAMENA (South Asia Middle East North Africa) Telecommunications Council has announced that its SAMENA ACCELERATOR on 10 Gigabit digital infrastructure will be held on October 13th at 2:30 PM at JAFZA One Convention Centre, Jebel Ali, Dubai – UAE.

In collaboration with its valued member, Huawei Technologies, SAMENA Council’s SAMENA ACCELERATOR on 10 Giga will be held as a policy-level session within the main Ultra Broadband Forum 2023.

Building onto the earlier 2021 edition of SAMENA ACCELERATOR, which focused on advancing fiberization policies as well as creating momentum on the shift toward IPv6 transition, and brought diversified leadership insights from around the SA-ME-NA region and Africa, the 2023 SAMENA ACCELERATOR aims to corroborate the strong need for adopting Fiber and IPv6 innovations, which have emerged over the last two years.

SAMENA Council believes, these two technology aspects, when packaged as critical enablers of Gigabit networks in the SA-ME-NA region, and particularly in the GCC markets, can dramatically help accelerate digital economic development, fulfil ambitious national ICT visions, and pave a path for true industrial and societal transformation in the region and in neighbouring regions, such as Central Asia.

Bocar BA, CEO & Board Member of SAMENA Council, has stated: “The October 13th SAMENA ACCELERATOR will address the need to understand how well various regional markets are moving toward fulfilling national ICT visions and materializing the gigabit society concept, which is already under implementation in developed countries. But, here, in the region, we want to plant seeds for the 10 Gigabit society. Advancements in fixed-line networks, investments in 5G, coupled with excellent policy and regulatory approaches have the potential to help us realize this concept.”

SAMENA Council observes that the region, particularly, and neighbouring regions, generally, need to come at par with economies with more experience in digital transformation. However, drastic steps are necessary to be taken to further broadband development and IPv6 transformation, of which moving toward “gigabit” would be a leap forward.

SAMENA Council invites participation of industry professionals to the SAMENA ACCELERATOR, and looks forward to welcoming guests in Dubai.

Further information about this edition of SAMENA ACCELERATOR is available at: SAMENA Accelerator - 10 Giga Digital Infrastructure for Accelerating a Robust & Sustainable Digital Economy (