Press Release

Press Release

SAMENA Council to hold the industry’s first RISE conference in Riyadh in January 2023

SAMENA Telecommunications Council announces that the first “Rising for Industry Sustainability & Efficiencies” (RISE) Conference will be held on January 11, 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with strategic support of stc Group, the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (MCIT) and the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia, and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Recent policy and regulatory developments in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region, particularly with respect to digital transformation, the need to enable cross-border data flows, adopting technology and regulatory sandboxes, making beneficial use of 5G investments, 5.5G/5G-Advance development, emergence of Open RAN, rising discussion on 6 GHz, cybersecurity imperatives, metaverse, the role of new verticals and sectors, and the critical requirement of ICT ecosystem sustainability are serving as catalysts to rethink investment, sustainable operations, end-user and enterprise service delivery, while accelerating progress on globally-agreed digital development expectations. Rising synergies among ICT Industry and other Industries also merit dialogue and deliberation in new light.

RISE is a new leaders-centric project by SAMENA Council, centered on the need for ICT ecosystem sustainability, to assist proactive engagement and industry discourse with respect to priorities, challenges, and opportunities being addressed by regional policymakers and regulatory authorities. RISE aims to be the platform for recognizing, appreciating, and guiding fifth-generation collaborative regulation and policy requirements and achievements, to help incentivize the Operator Community, Sectors and Verticals, Cross-industry Innovation, and the Private Sector, at large, toward sustainability in investment and improved collaboration.

RISE is inviting the participation of all ICT and non-ICT industry stakeholders. Invitations can be requested by writing to SAMENA Council (