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SAMENA Council to host Telecom Leaders' Summit 2017 in Dubai

SAMENA Telecommunications Council will be holding Telecom Leaders’ Summit on April 30 in Dubai under the theme “Aligning Visions to Meet the Demands of the Digital World”. Widely recognized among the most prestigious ICT thought-leadership events in the SAMENA region, the Summit will bring together top telecom and ICT executives and decision makers from the private and public sectors.

The Leaders’ Summit is an annual event that offers a unique platform to the industry leaders who share a common interest in creating a roadmap for accelerating growth across the telecom and ICT sector. The Summit will provide a collaborative workshop and communication-centric industry experience to the participants from public and the private sectors. The Leaders' Summit is expected to host participation from more than 150 prominent key industry figures, experts and professionals including heads of regulatory authorities, chairmen and CEOs of leading communications service providers, and industry influencers.

Commenting on the upcoming Summit, Bocar BA, CEO, said “One of the main objectives of the Leaders' Summit is to facilitate and encourage cross-stakeholder participation and open communication by bringing together industry decision-makers, policy-makers and regulators, as well as regional and global telecom and ICT leadership. It will provide an opportunity to supporting the creation of a business-conducive environment for telecom operators and explore new avenues of progressive stakeholder collaboration for the benefit of the industry and its ultimate stakeholders in the SAMENA region.”

"Since its inception in 2006, the Council, through its leadership events and platforms, has been playing an important role in the development of the ICT and telecom sector in the SAMENA region by setting the agenda and representing the interests of operators from South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Telecom Leaders’ Summit is designed to verbalize critical business, policies and regulatory challenges and amendments, required for sustainable digital progress," BA added.