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In our fast-evolving world of hyper-connectivity, the telecommunications and ICT industry holds a central and intricate position, and its enabling role has become very visible on multiple dimensions of the human society’s progress toward digital development.

The desire to progress, expand, integrate technologies and the demand for efficient, effective, and affordable communications solutions have been the catalysts for change and continuous evolution within the telecommunications and ICT industry. Moreover, the need to ensure sustainability in the business has also brought together telecommunications service providers and various stakeholders in the continually evolving digital value-chain to collectively investigate how the velocity of change has affected their current pace of business transformation and how their decision-making would be influenced by changes transpiring in the Internet ecosystem.

Fortunately, the SAMENA Telecommunications Council is at the center of it all, serving the industry of the South Asia – Middle East – North Africa (SAMENA) region as the agenda setter; a telecommunications advocacy platform and an enabler of consensus-driven shifts in business transformation as well as ICT policy change. With a mandate of voicing the needs and the issues of the telecommunications service providers to respective decision-making and policy-making entities, the SAMENA Council is in pursuit of broadband investment-friendly policies, futuristic regulations and good governance, analyzing and encouraging the adoption of digital services, and promoting the need to collaborate and work together, to mutually address issues that drive business strategies and investment decisions for ensuring a sustainable future.

Moreover, we have built a leaders’ community that helps serve the industry’s and its various stakeholders’ the purpose of regional business development, approaching regional governments on ICT policy and regulatory issues on behalf of communications companies, and building relationships with global institutions.

Given the confidence of the membership and the leadership of the SAMENA Council in the Council’s region-wide presence and the ability to carry out representative and advocacy work on behalf of the telecommunications and ICT industry, the SAMENA Council has made strong headways in connecting with global organizations; and in being heard at top-level international forums. The Council has also been approached by both government and private-sector organizations to create new channels of cross-regional communication, which could positively impact ICT policy-making efforts across borders and help create new business synergies for international market players.

Representing a community of the largest multi-network operator groups in the SAMENA region, which is home to nearly 13-percent of the world’s population; more than US$300 billion in telecom investments; and close to a billion mobile subscribers, the SAMENA Council has become a regionally-focused but globally active telecommunications and ICT advocacy and regulatory reach organization.

In this regard, I am thankful to the SAMENA Council’s leadership, our members, our likeminded external partner organizations, and those government bodies that have indicated their trust to work with the SAMENA Council on new initiatives and have been receptive to the industry feedback shared with them by the SAMENA Council. We truly appreciate the ongoing support provided to the SAMENA Council by those most inclined to work with us and to learn what it is that we do as a pan-regional telecommunications and ICT industry association.

Our new Web portal is designed to bring value to the SAMENA Council’s members as well as subscribers to our scheduled output channels. We hope that the information provided to you here in our Web portal is of value to you and helps to activate your interest in business and policy areas of interest and importance to the telecommunications and ICT industry.

Thank you for your interest in our work. We welcome your feedback and requests for information.

Yours truly,

Bocar A. BA

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