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SAMENA Council, CITC collaborate for Regional Regulatory Summit in Riyadh

SAMENA Telecommunications Council has announced that in collaboration with Saudi Arabia’s Communication & Information Technology Commission (CITC), a regional regulatory summit will be held in Riyadh on April 12. Both SAMENA Council and CITC have centered the agenda of the regulatory conference on regional digital transformation and on fostering the understanding of evolving dynamics of the ICT environment.

Bocar BA, chief executive of SAMENA Council, said: “SAMENA Council, as an industry body and a sector development partner, feels privileged to closely work with the CITC on unearthing practical ways for the private sector and government sector to work together, undertake both physical and intellectual forms of collaboration, and align future work to realize digital transformation for the benefits of the citizens and of the business. Saudi Arabia’s socio-economics is undergoing a major change, which will have an impact all around the region. By conducting this regional activity in Riyadh, SAMENA Council looks forward to supporting the Saudi Vision 2030 in all ways possible.”

Abdulaziz S. Al-Rwais, governor of the CITC, said: “The commission is fully supportive of dialogue, means and ways that will contribute in the development of the ICT sector. Saudi Arabia recognized the importance of the ICT sector at an early stage in the industry’s development. Together with the ministry, CITC has actively pursued the development of an environment aimed at encouraging investment and increasing the efficiency of the national economy. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 enhances this through the identification of long-term goals, reflecting the strengths and capabilities of the Kingdom’s ICT sector. By holding this regulatory conference, which has importance for the entire GCC region, the commission aims to encourage regulators to seek development of synergies across the regulatory frameworks. This can accelerate the introduction of new technologies and services, and can help us all meet successes in digital transformation.”

The regulatory conference will discuss the best practices related to digital transformation and the challenges and opportunities in digital switchover. It will also provide insight into many aspects of the future of mobile market competition, technologies and services. Such areas have to be looked into with depth and should accommodate the imperatives to also address underlying industry needs that revolve around digital services.