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SK Telecom to build broadcast platform for US
Category: Mobile Content
Publishing Date: January 14, 2018

SK Telecom will develop a next-generation broadcasting platform jointly with Sinclair Broadcasting Group, a terrestrial broadcaster with 173 TV stations (514 channels) across the United States.

SK Telecom and Sinclair signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation to take the lead in the next-generation ATSC 3.0 broadcast industry at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The two companies will jointly develop a broadcasting platform based on ATSC 3.0 which was established as a next-generation broadcasting standard in the US, in the first half of this year. Then, they will launch a pilot next-generation broadcasting service and a commercial service in the United States.

The next generation broadcasting platform to be developed by both companies combines the advantages of existing terrestrial broadcasting, IPTV and over-the-top (OTT) media services. The platform will offer UHD contents, IP-based viewer-customized services, customized personal and local advertisements, fixed and mobile broadcasting and local disaster alarm services.

"We will demonstrate a next generation ATSC 3.0 broadcasting platform and application services at the NAB Show 2018, the world's largest broadcasting equipment show held in Las Vegas this April," SK Telecom said. SK Telecom and Sinclair are planning to enter the global broadcasting industry including the Indian broadcasting industry hand in hand.

Source: http://www.businesskorea.co.kr/english/news/ict/20270-based-mobile-and-iptv-technologies-sk-telecom-build-next-gen-broadcast-platform-us
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