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Mobile operator launches educational app
Category: Mobile Content
Publishing Date: September 13, 2017

There is no doubt that technology is enhancing the efficiency of each field of human life be it health, banking, agriculture or education. Specially with the launch of 3G/4G services in Pakistan various m-services initiatives were also introduced. One such sector that got benefited from latest technology in Pakistan is the “Education Sector.” The m-Education sector grows in the country by providing e-books and online educational content to the students. Once such initiative is also recently launched by the leading mobile operator, Jazz in Pakistan. Jazz Launches Educator App to Provide E-Books & Interactive Educational Content for Students.

While keeping in view the scarcity and need of resources in Pakistan, Jazz have launched an innovative product named “Jazz Educator” for the purpose of mobile learning. The app aims to provide learning opportunities to the students of different educational systems of Pakistan with digitization of books and providing interactive educational content as well.

The product covers all the learning concepts of school and college students ranging from Grade 9, 10, 11, 12 and O/A Levels along with exercises, mock-up exams and exam preparation tips with pictorial lessons & video tutorials.

One of the upcoming unique features of this application is that it allows the students to talk to a panel of teachers via a live video conference.

This digital revolution is here stay, let’s start taking maximum advantage of it by utilizing such m-education initiatives.

Source: https://www.phoneworld.com.pk/jazz-launches-educator-app-to-provide-e-books/
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