Press Release

Press Release

Orange Business Services joins SAMENA Council as a member

SAMENA Council has announced that Orange Business Services has joined its membership as a global enabler of digital transformation.

Orange Business Services is a global telecom operator, and an IT solutions integrator and applications developer. Its 20,000 global employees support companies in all areas of their digital transformation: mobile and collaborative workspaces; IT/cloud infrastructure; fixed and mobile connectivity; private and hybrid networks; applications for Internet of Things, 360° customer experience and Big Data analytics; and cybersecurity with dedicated experts and infrastructure to protect information systems. More than 3,000 multinational organizations and 2 million SOHOs, enterprises and local authorities in France rely on Orange Business Services as their trusted partner.

Mickael Ghossein, Senior Vice-President, said, "At Orange Business Services, we are on the lookout for new opportunities to build upon our expertise as a global communications business partner, and to visibly play our role in the overall digital transformation of enterprises and government bodies alike. We feel our relationship with SAMENA Council will help us fulfil our strategic business objectives, while allowing us to keep the stakeholder dialogue active within the community."

Bocar BA, CEO of SAMENA Council, stated that "Orange Business Services is a global name, which is known for supporting enterprise and public-sector needs throughout their digital transformation. This is very much in line with SAMENA Council's industry-wide digital objectives, which can only be fulfilled with the inclusion and active participation of all players within the digital value-chain. Orange is a very well-known name within the SAMENA Council's membership, and we are delighted to welcome Mr. Mickael Ghossein to the membership and to our community of leaders."

As a global integrator of advanced communications services, Orange Business Services will be able to leverage the Council’s regional and international reach as well as stakeholder relationship-building platforms and activities, which are designed to keep dialogue open to help encourage ICT policy framing and investment in digital infrastructure development, and to enable partnership development among the stakeholders.