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Press Release

Etisalat Participates at the Sharjah National Career Fair

Etisalat Participates at the Sharjah National Career Fair

Sharjah, 24 February 2010: Etisalat today announced that it will participate in the Sharjah Career Fair 2010, which is taking place from 24th - 26th February, at Expo Centre Sharjah. During its participation, Etisalat will present many job opportunities provided by the company for talented UAE national graduates.

Abdul Aziz Al Sawaleh, Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Etisalat said: “Etisalat is committed to participating at the career exhibitions taking place across the UAE. This participation is a part of the company's ongoing commitment to support nationalization efforts. Etilsalat plays an instrumental role in qualifying and developing Emarati telecom professionals. Today these experts lead important positions in developing the sector in the region.”

“This exhibition is an excellent opportunity to introduce university students to the different departments in Etisalat, the job opportunities and training courses available. We believe in the importance of giving the chance to national talent and this exhibition allows us to select the best and find the right person to fit in the right place,” Abdul Aziz Al Sawaleh added

Etisalat provides special care to its employees as it believes that its staff are the most important part of its operations. This strategy is reflected by providing job opportunities and arranging training programs, workshops and special classes for graduates.

Moreover Etisalat follows a clear Emiratisation policy and has successfully achieved positive results. Etisalat is one of the largest national companies in providing UAE nationals with special opportunities. It trains and recruits a large number of Emaratis every year. Today more than 3600 Etisalat employees are from the UAE - 36% of the total number of Etisalat staff and amongst Etisalat's senior management team, 95% originate from the United Arab Emirates.

Etisalat has developed training programmes which last from one up to two years, for high school graduates and university graduates. On these courses trainees can acquire the required skills for a fulfilling career at Etisalat. The company also organizes extensive training programmes for its existing employees. More than 6000 people from Etisalat staff attend the Etisalat Academy and other external training centers every year.

“Etisalat has adopted a strategy based on three main principles which includes; motivating staff, creating a healthy work environment to ensure that employees remain in their jobs, and preparing qualified nationals who are able adapt to the latest technology developments.” Al Sawaleh concluded.

As it expands its operations in the region and worldwide, Etisalat remains committed to attract nationals in each country it operates. Etisalat contributes in preparing a generation of telecom professionals who are now supporting the company's expanding plans in new markets such as KSA, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan and Africa. Etisalat today works in 18 markets across Asia and Africa. Etisalat international operations are today led by more than 70 Emiratis.
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