9th July 2020

Dubai, UAE

Leaders' Summit 2020

“5G+X: Harnessing 5G Across Industries for Investment Revival”

SAMENA Telecommunications Council’s LEADERS’ SUMMIT 2020: The First 5G+X Centric Experience in Remote Digital Collaboration among Decision-Makers and Leaders from around the World, across the Telecom and other Industries.

The 5G+X concept, on which the agenda of the Leaders’ Summit 2020 is built, encompasses practical deployment possibilities, involvement of multiple stakeholders, and collaboration of all relevant Industries that are using or can use 5G to attain strategic advantages on both commercial and human fronts.


Some of the Leaders participating in Leaders' Summit 2020

Summit Agenda

“5G+X: Harnessing 5G Across Industries for Investment Revival”
  • 09:00 - 11:30Morning Session
  • 11:30 - 13:00Mid-Day Session
  • 14:00 - 18:30Afternoon Session
9:00 AM – 09:50 AM

Opening Ceremony

Organizers’ Speeches, Chief Patron’s Message, Keynote Messages

Mr. Bocar BA
SAMENA Council
Eng. Nasser Al Nasser
Group CEO, stc
Chairman, SAMENA Council
H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori
Director General
Mr. Charles Yang
Huawei ME
H.E. Maj. Gen. (R) Amir Azeem Bajwa
Eng. Majed Al Mazyed
Deputy Governor for International Cooperation
National Cybersecurity Authority
09:50 AM – 10:45 AM  |  Discussion Track 1

5G as a Transformational Necessity

5G for the 4th Industrial Revolution and for Enabling Cross-Industry Synergies Post COVID-19: Shift to Cloud, Massive IoT, Integration of AI, Big Data, and other Technologies for Smart Service Delivery

Regional Perspectives
Mr. Badr Al-Olama
Head of the Organising Committee
Mr. Rolf Meakin
Mr. Badr Al Olama
Head of the Organising Committee
Dr. Kamal Shehadi
Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer
Etisalat International
Dr. Sangchul Lee
Chief Advisor
LG Uplus & LG Group
South Korea
Dr. Hongbeom Jeon
Korea Telecom
South Korea
Mr. Khaleelo Khan
MEA Director - T&M
Digital systems and infrastructure have been proven to serve as the bedrock of our societies and economies of the future. It is clear that our digital infrastructure needs strengthening to deal with the impact of COVID-19 and future public health (and other) crises. A shift to cloud, massive IoT, better integration of AI into the public health response, and the harnessing of other technologies for smart service delivery should be key priorities going forward.
The panel will explore how 5G and other technologies can prepare us better for new crises to come and make our systems and infrastructures more resilient and sustainable to guarantee better, more effective and more evenly distributed outcomes. The panel is also important in seeing that there is a need to shift policy from reliance only on physical communications infrastructure to also on cloud, enabled by data analytics and AI technologies.
  • Which role does or can 5G play in crises such as COVID-19?
  • How can AI be used and better integrated within public health responses?
  • Which sectors and industries can most benefit and leverage the use of 4IR technologies in crisis?
  • How can analysis of big data regarding citizens movements, disease transmission patterns and health monitoring be used and by whom to help develop effective and responsible prevention measures?
  • How have some countries transformed their ICT policies to cater to crisis situations of the future, as well as to accelerate 5G asan enabler of technologies like the cloud?
10:45 AM – 11:00 AM


11:00 AM – 11:30 AM  |  Perspectives on Global Industry Issues

ICT Development Priorities

Broadband Development Priorities for the Next Decade, Child Protection Online, WRC-19 Outcomes vis-à-vis Post COVID-19 Digital Infrastructure Development

H.E. Houlin Zhao
Secretary General
ITU - Switzerland
H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden
World Childhood Foundation
Mr. Bassam A. Al-Bassam
Deputy Minister for Telecom and Infrastructure
H.E. Hossam El-Gamal
H.E. Shaikh Nasser Bin Mohamed Al-Khalifa
Acting General Director
TRA Bahrain
H.E. Tania Aidrus
Special Assistant to Prime Minister
Digital Pakistan
Dr. Amr Badawi
ITU WRC-19 – Egypt
This panel is about emphasizing on industry issues that are more societal in nature than business, but which are integral to the industry dialogue, and to SDGs. Therefore, speakers will each focus on a unique perspective, including on the priorities for the next decade; child protection online; developing markets and their ambitions and challenges in digital transformation, etc.
11:30 AM – 12:15 PM  |  Discussion Track 2

The 5G World: “From Davos to Dubai. From COVID-19 to CONNECT 2030”

Technology, Business, Policy, Regulatory, and Data Landscapes in New Light

Mr. Mark Spelman
Head of Thought Leadership
World Economic Forum
Mr. Scott Gegenheimer
CEO Operations
Zain Group
Ms. Doreen Bogdan-Martin
BDT Director
Mr. Maxim Nartov
Dr. Verena Weber
Head - CISPU
Mr. Amir AlGibreen
VP Regulatory
stc Group
Crises can help us better understand where we are, develop a vision for the future, and sketch out our path towards it. We already have an internationally agreed vision, the 2030 UN SDGs. The path and the means required to achieving the SDGs as a world community, however, are less clear and less certain. To achieve the SDGs, we have a decade to shape and implement the right policies, regulations, and governance models that can harness the right technologies, business and data models for more sustainable, inclusive and equitable outcomes.
This panel explores how we as the ICT stakeholder community together with industry verticals can shape this next decade and set the right course together to translate our future visions into implementable actions at the local and regional levels.
  • What does the landscape of technology, business, policy, regulation and data management look like over the next decade? What are the key trends? Locally? Regionally?
  • What are the key challenges to overcome in the next 10 years at the local and regional levels?
  • What governance models are required for data to ensure its secure and safe use by the most vulnerable groups of society? How can we ensure that the extraction of data is not exploitative, and that privacy is guarded?
  • What policies and implementing regulations are needed to achieve the SDGs? What key steps and initiatives are individual stakeholders taking to contribute to achieving the SDGs?
  • Do we need more radical solutions and involvement by government and the public sector to channel and guide collaborative efforts?
12:15 PM – 12:45 PM  | 

Cluster Showcase 1

China - Technology Use-Case Demonstration

HUAWEI 5G Virtual Exhibition & Tour

Mr. Ding Yun
Executive Director - Board of Directors
President of the Carrier Networks Business Group
Mr. Bob Cai
Chief Marketing Officer
Huawei Carrier BG
Mr. Brian David Chamberlin
Executive Advisor
Huawei Technology Presentations LIVE (from China Cluster)
Huawei’s Galileo Exhibition Hall. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of Galileo, it showcases Huawei’s simplified 5G solutions and lets us explore some of the business cases that 5G enables. We invite you to come explore the new worlds of 5G with us.
12:45 PM – 01:00 PM  | 

Cluster Showcase 2

UAE – Digital Cooperation 5G Digital Strategies

UAE’s Government Vision

Ms. Hana AlHashimi
UAE Prime Minister’s Office
Mr. Tariq Al Awadhi
Telecom Regulatory Authority of UAE
Special Keynote & Presentations on Global Digital Cooperation, 5G Strategies and UAE’s National Initiatives
This session will showcase key 5G innovations that are “live” in the UAE under the UAE’s initiatives. We will hear directly from the PM’s office about the government’s current and future direction, and we will hear from the TRA about what is next in terms of digital transformation and 5G plans.
01:00 PM – 02:00 PM

Lunch Break

02:00 PM – 03:10 PM  |  Discussion Track 3

Leaders’ Agenda for Collaborative Action on “Private Sector Engagement”

Resilient Connectivity and Security: Demands of the COVID-19 Data Paradigm Shifts

Global Perspectives
Mr. Mats Granryd
Director General
GSM Association
Mr. Tim Peters
Managing Partner
Goetz Partners
Eng. Nasser Al Nasser
Group CEO
Mr. Khalid Ahmed Balkheyour
President and CEO
Eng. Omar AlRejraje
Deputy Governor
Regulation & Competition
Mr. Waleed Saleh Alqallaf
Board Member
Mr. Ihab Hinnawi
CEO International Investments
Sheikh Talal Said Marhoon Al Mamari
We are finding ourselves in exceptional times that require exceptional responses and actions. Never before have the availability and accessibility of relevant digital services been so vital to our health, safety, and sanity and to keeping our economy and societies working. While digital transformation and the provision of digital services is on the agenda of most governments, the COVID-19 crisis is putting a spotlight on the key areas that need to be urgently addressed to guarantee that relevant, affordable and resilient digital services can be provided and used. Numerous organizations have identified key actions required for faster and better recovery and for ensuring more resilience going forward. This includes SAMENA Council’s Working Group on Digital Services COVID-19 “Call to Action”, the UN Broadband Commission’s “Agenda for Action”, and many more.
This panel will explore global perspectives on leaders’ agendas for collaborative action, including key enablers such as resilient and secure connectivity for all and the paradigm shifts needed in data movement and management going forward.
  • What do different stakeholder groups need to do to ensure resilient and secure connectivity is available for everyone?
  • What measures are needed to enable faster and better recovery from crises such as COVID-19?
  • What measures are needed to enable better dealing with future crises to come?
  • How can we ensure that our economies and accompanying systems are more resilient for the future?
03:15 PM – 03:30 PM

Guest-of-Honor Keynote

Special Address to the Industry by Government Leader from UAE

H.H. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan
Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence
United Arab Emirates
03:35 PM – 04:35 PM  |  Discussion Track 4

Business Resilience with CLOUD, Big Data Analytics & AI

Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity in the 5G-Powered Hyper-Connected, Secure and Sustainable World

& Moderator
Mr. Philippe Defraigne
Cullen International
Mr. Karim Lesina
Vice President
International External Affairs - AT&T
Ms. Pastora Valero
Vice President, Public Policy and Government Affairs - Cisco
Mr. Brian Collins
AdaptiveMobile Security
Dr. Fahem Al Nuaimi
Ms. Martha Suarez
Dynamic Spectrum Alliance
Mr. Andy Purdy
Chief Security Officer
Dr. Robert Pepper
Head of Global Connectivity and Technology Policy
Dr. Joanna Rubinstein
President & CEO
World Childhood Foundation
Widespread 5G rollouts are right around the corner that can enable a far more efficient and productive, remotely connected and sustainable world. For 5G networks to become the bedrock of our digital economies and societies, the cloud and cloud capacity is indispensable, and so is cybersecurity. Any 5G service will require backhauling of massive amounts of data from endpoints such as mobiles, IoT sensors, or self-autonomous vehicles, which have to be processed and stored in the cloud, and which must thus be secure. Every new application will require resource-intensive AI analysis in real-time. Because sending data to the cloud for processing is time-consuming, data processing will need to happen as close as possible to the edge to enable near-real-time responses and provide low latency support to new applications and services.
This panel will explore how business resilience can be achieved with cloud, which should be powered by big data analytics and AI, and highlight what is required for “All Cloud Networks” on the side of network operators, technology vendors and industry verticals and how government can help enable an all cloud environment with the right policies and regulations.
  • How can carriers quickly launch new services?
  • How can they achieve business agility?
  • How will they optimize cost structures?
  • What types of collaborative efforts are required?
  • Which policies and regulations can enable Cloud infrastructure?
  • What do we need to address to ensure that cloud infrastructure is available and usable and reliable?
  • What are cybersecurity implications, and how can the power of AI and big data analytics play a role in this regard?
04:40 PM – 05:40 PM  |  Discussion Track 5

The 5th 5G Ecosystem Conference

Unleash the power of 5G, build a better connected world

Mr. You Qianwen
VP of Middle East Region
Head of Middle East Marketing & Solution Sales Dept
Mr. Wang Su
VP - Carrier Network Business Group Marketing
Mr. Ahmed Al Sharif
General Manager – Network
Mr. Cesar Andres Lopez
Mr. Kamarul A Muhamed
Founder & Group CEO
Aerodyne Group
Huawei 5G Ecosystem Conference will be hosted at SAMENA LEADERS’ SUMMIT for the 3rd time. Leading 5G operators, vertical industries and partners will share their experiences by showcasing the latest 5G use cases development and 5G new business exploration in the ME region and globally. This will inspire operators in their ongoing business evolution journey in the 5G era, and also help to accelerate the digital transformation of vertical industries that can benefit from 5G.
05:45 PM – 06:20 PM

Perspectives on Global Industry Issues: International ICT Supply Chain

Global Economic Outlook and Changing Dynamics

Virtual Fireside Chat Host
Dr. Karim Taga
Managing Partner (TIME)
Arthur D. Little

Interview 1
Prof. Jeffrey SACHS
Special Advisor to UN Secretary-General, UN Broadband Commissioner
Interview 2
Ms. Isabelle Mauro
Head of Telecommunications, World Economic Forum
Interview 3
Dr. Boutheina Guermazi
Director-Digital Development, The World Bank Group

Conclusion / Closing


Sponsors’ Messages
Mr. An Jian
President of Carrier Networks Business Group
Huawei Middle East
Closing Speech
Mr. Bocar BA
SAMENA Council

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