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Icflix announces first original Moroccan production

Dubai-based VoD service Icflix has announced its first original Moroccan production, a feature film from writer and director Nour Eddine Lakhmari.

Burnout, coproduced by NEL Films, premiered in Moroccan cinemas this week and is the third movie in a trilogy, following the release of Zero and Casanegra.

The film focuses on social issues, centring on a politician who pays for a relationship with a young medical student living a double life.

“Burnout is a film about the sacrifice and courage of ordinary people confronted with extraordinary situations, where social and economic problems intensify their distress,” said Eddine Lakhmari.

The feature is Icflix’s first original Jazwood (Arabic) production from Morocco and joins titles including WOH!, Dunia, Borders of Heaven, HIV and Al Makida on its slate.